13 Key Features Every Expense Tool Should Have

13 key features every expense tool should have
With more than 100 companies offering expense management solutions, it can be difficult to choose the right option for your company. 

In this read you will learn:

  • 13 most critical features expense solution
  • Payback period different tools available
  • The best fit for your company's needs

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Pernod Ricard

Rydoo Expense in 60 seconds

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Forget the rules
If you use complex per diems, need a certification to digitize receipts or if you would like to reclaim local taxes, we are the right platform for you. We work hard to comply with all country regulations and we automate, to save you time and money.
Get real-time insights
Understanding your company’s spending behavior is crucial to making the right decisions. Whether it comes to negotiating rates or changing habits, Rydoo gathers all data and gives you a comprehensive overview of every small detail.
Fast onboarding
Getting started with Rydoo only takes a few minutes. If you’re a mid-size company, we can get you up and running in a few days. For larger companies, our project experts will create the perfect onboarding plan for you.

What our customers are saying

Koen Dierckx - CFO
Van Breda Risks & Benefits
"The threshold to implement Rydoo is very low: there is no need for high investments in technical consultants and the implementation period was rather short. We use new features without having to get anyone involved from IT or from Rydoo."
Romain Benoist - CFO Western Europe
Pernod Ricard
"I was seduced by the concept of Rydoo. The idea to have users do their expense in real-time, wherever they are, is a real advantage. People can now do their expense on the bus or if they are waiting for a client."
Marisa Werle - Operations Manager
“Rydoo’s built-in per diem module was really incredible. Now we simply tell employees to use the app to create their trip and everything will be calculated for them.”