6 Effective Strategies To Increase Your Travel Policy Compliance

Companies with high travel policy compliance rates have a 23% lower total indirect cost per traveler than companies with low compliance rates. However, 72% of travel managers have not yet achieved their desired travel policy compliance level.

Moreover, 56% of traveling employees believe their corporate travel policy only moderately (at best) aligns with their overall company culture.

How do you increase your company's compliance rates without causing more stress and hassle for your employees

Discover in this Whitepaper:

  • 7 reasons why employees are not complying
  • 6 proven ways to increase your compliance rates
  • One of the keys to high compliance rates

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improve your travel policy compliance

Forget the rules
If you use complex per diems, need a certification to digitize receipts or if you would like to reclaim local taxes, we are the right platform for you. We work hard to comply with all country regulations and we automate, to save you time and money.
All-in-one booking tool
Rydoo automates your travel policy, approval flows and negotiated rates. Travel managers and finance teams get a real-time view of all bookings and trip expenses, while employees book their flight, hotel, car or train instantly via the mobile app.
Get real-time insights
Understanding your company’s spending behaviour is crucial to making the right decisions. When it comes to negotiating the right deal with your suppliers, Rydoo gathers all data and gives you a comprehensive overview of every small detail.

What our customers are saying

Jan De Raeymaeker - CFO
Brussels Airlines
"If employees have lunch with someone, they have to mention that: who, where, and when. The digitisation makes people follow the rules, and we can control the expenses in a better way."
Marisa Werle - Operations Manager
"Rydoo’s built-in per diem module was really incredible. Now we simply tell employees to use the app to create their trip and everything will be calculated for them."
Romain Benoist - CFO Western Europe
Pernod Ricard
"Rydoo saves us an incredible amount of time. You should not underestimate the impact on people as 90% of the company will be affected by it. The general feedback from employees was very positive."