The Definitive Guide to Expense Management


Out-dated expense management solutions are finally coming to an end. This is the time to embrace new SaaS based solutions and start saving time and money.

Discover in this read:

  • What is Expense Management?
  • Why is modernizing your expense approach so important?
  • How do Expense Management solutions work?

Once the decision to switch has been made, the return on investments will be significant. Go with the time and take the first step into a future with a modernised expense management.

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Rydoo Expense in 60 seconds

Discover how automation
can save your company money

Get real-time insights

Understanding your company’s spending behaviour is crucial to making the right decisions. Whether it comes to negotiating rates or changing habits, Rydoo gathers all data and gives you a comprehensive overview of every small detail.

Integrate with your tools
Have your systems talk to each other and innovate without worrying about infrastructure. Rydoo integrates perfectly with the ERP or accounting software you already use.
Forget the rules
If you use complex per diems, need a certification to digitise receipts or if you would like to reclaim local taxes, we are the right platform for you. We work hard to comply with all country regulations and we automate, to save you time and money.

What our customers are saying

Cindy Peeters - CFO
Deloitte Belgium
"For us, it is very important to constantly innovate our processes and tools, to reduce administration and to increase efficiency. Thanks to Rydoo we know faster how much we spent on a certain project or client."
Koen Dierckx - CFO
Van Breda Risk and Benefits
"I must say that with Rydoo, we took an important step into determining a new and more strategic role for the finance team, because we could take away the burden of repetitive administrative tasks."
Jens Sikorski - Consultant
Innogy Consulting
"The manual process was so time-consuming and exhausting, it took some of our consultants over 30 minutes per week! That is 27 of non-billable hours a month. Opting for automation was a no-brainer."