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Mileage rates 2019

Finding up-to-date mileage rates on the internet can be a tedious task. Which is why we did the heavy lifting for you! We gathered all the information in this list and added a calculator

Get access to our cheat sheet with 2019 mileage rates of the most popular business travel countries, such as France, Brazil, United Kingdom, United States, and many more! Save hours of searching. 


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Rydoo makes calculating mileages easier

Rydoo has all most-used mileage rates integrated in its platform. Thanks to its Google Maps API, all we need is your destination. Our technology does the rest.

The perfect solution for people who:   

  • Travel by car to meetings
  • Deliver items on behalf of a company
  • Use their personal vehicle for business

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“We notice that our employees find Rydoo efficient and user-friendly. Very soon they all find their way into Rydoo, whether they are employees that travel a lot or stay at home to do the administrative work."
Marisa Werle
Marisa Werle - Operations manager
“I stumbled upon several solutions but with Rydoo, I fell in love - probably because I could instantly see that it was developed with the complexity of our beloved Europe in mind.”
Koen Dierckx - CFO
Van Breda Risk & Benefits
I must say that with Rydoo, we took an important step into determining a new and more strategic role for the finance team, because we could take away the burden of repetitive administrative tasks.