Finance executives, your role is key in driving the digital transformation within your company.


October 20th
9:30 AM - 11:30 AM BST
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A 360-degree view of digital change and transformation across technology, culture and behaviour.

Did you know 40% of finance activities can be fully automated? It demonstrates the degree to which Finance leaders can simplify core internal processes through automation, establish standardized reporting and work more efficiently.

Finance executives, your role is key in driving digital transformation within your organization. It’s time to put it on your agenda, isn’t it?
Join our virtual event and learn:

  • how to get 100% ROI by automating expense management 
  • how to implement digital change within the finance department, by example from a client testimonial
  • 3 actionable insights about the adoption of new technology

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Meet our speakers


Patrick Fagan

Behavioural Scientist

Patrick has ten years experience applying psychology science to practical business challenges. He is a part-time lecturer at three London universities, has published a book on marketing psychology (Hooked: Why cute sells...) and has co-authored papers on topics ranging from Facebook psychology to facial expressions. He has consulted and researched for household brands as an independent and in roles like lead psychologist at Cambridge Analytica.

Joss profile 2017_v7

Joss Goulding

Account Executive 


Joss focuses on helping customers alleviate the pain and friction involved in managing their business travel and expenses. Before joining Rydoo he spent several years working for HP and Xerox, helping European partners drive customer efficiencies in their business workflow, graphic production and document management processes. Joss is currently based in Lisbon, Portugal, working with Rydoo clients across the UK, Nordics and US.


Stephen Exeler-Cooke

Group Financial Controller

Silver Cross

Stephen is CIMA qualified chartered accountant and strategic finance leader. He has 10 years of PQE and a proven record of delivering results and driving innovation in multiple finance functions including corporate treasury, business and strategic analysis and leading a large team through a major restructuring project. He drives business growth, builds talent in finance organisations and embraces new challenges.

Kerrin Barker Close Up-1

Kerrin Barker

Enterprise Solutions Consultant


Kerrin is a VAT expert and Chartered Accountant, specialising in the digitisation of indirect tax reporting across European countries. She has a wealth of multi-jurisdictional knowledge and a passion for empowering her colleagues through organisational learning and development. Prior to joining VAT IT, Kerrin worked at KPMG and was an Associate Lecturer at WITS university focusing on tax and audit.


Yannick Van Looy

Territory Manager UK & Nordics


Yannick is the UKI & Nordics Territory manager. His focus and long-term experience lays in the support of companies in the implementation of long-term goals towards digital transformation. With his expertise in digital transformation, he is expanding Rydoo’s presence in the UK, Ireland and the Nordics.




9:30 AM

Edwina Cox - Business Development Representative

9:40 AM
The Time is Now - What does the future hold for finance departments?

Joss Goulding
We are experiencing the early beginnings of the fourth industrial revolution. We see signs of agitation all around. In fact, of the 70% of companies that have digitized, more than 25% already see a remarkable increase in profits. What is the impact on finance teams and how will it influence their structure in the future?

9:55 AM
Case Study: Implementation of an expense management tool

Interview with Stephen Exeler-Cooke

10:10 AM
The Psychology of change: How to fix it even if it ain't broken

Patrick Fagan
People generally don't like change. We are about twice as scared of loss as we are enticed by gain, and as a result we tend to naturally go with the status quo. In evolutionary terms, it makes sense to stick with what is safe and familiar. However, this behaviour is person- and situation-dependent. In other words, some people are more amenable to change than others, and everyone can be made amenable in the right circumstances and with the right 'nudges' - and these behavioural insights can be harnessed to facilitate transformation at work.

10:25 AM

Enjoy a nice cup of tea 🍵and get ready for our next sessions. 

10:30 AM
Leveraging Digitalisation for VAT Compliance & Recovery

Kerrin Barker, Enterprise Solutions Consultant, VAT IT
In recent years, technology and automation have made it significantly easier to achieve Value-Added Tax compliance and efficiently manage claims for VAT refunds. With digitalisation, companies no longer have to worry about keeping up with complex laws, high risk of claims rejection, queries, or fines due to non-compliance. We will look at the before-and-after of the impact of automation on VAT processes, and how the partnership between VAT IT and Rydoo minimizes this risk.

10:45 AM
Automated expense management implemented in practice 

Yannick Van Looy, Territory Manager UK & Nordics
Rydoo helps employees to manage their expenses easily on the go. It also enables finance teams to access real-time data to make intelligent decisions. Find out the most important functions of Rydoo in this 20-minute demonstration and learn how optimizing expense management will affect your entire company.

11:00 AM
Panel discussion

Q&A and panel discussion with our guests

11:15 AM

Networking opportunity for all our attendees



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