6 strategies to increase your VAT recovery on foreign business travel

Join this 25 minute webinar and learn:

  • An overview of the situation and difficulties that companies go through to recover VAT on their business travels within the EU
  • 6 key elements to increase your VAT recovery on foreign business travel
  • Which VAT is left unclaimed unnecessarily? And what VAT cannot be recovered, while it is being claimed?

About the webinar

5 billion euros. That is the amount of money that businesses are losing just in Europe on unrecovered VAT from travel expenses. The main reason behind this number? Lack of local knowledge, as local regulatory differences can be significant.

Not knowing which VAT you can deduct on your company's travel expenses or how to do so? Learn more about how to simplify the tedious and complicated process of VAT recovery on foreign business travel. In this webinar, Senior VAT reclaim expert Javier Durán Basté will share some of his expertise with us.

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Javier Durán Basté
Javier Durán Basté
Senior VAT Specialist 60dias
Javier is economist and Senior VAT Specialist for 60dias. He is also expert in B2B sales and marketing and has experience in many sectors and different sizes of companies where he has helped to develop the commercial dimension of the teams as well as the profitibality of the business.