The time is now: How to arrange your Finance Team for the digital future

New sectors are appearing almost overnight and roles that haven’t changed in decades are having to be reimagined due to digitisation. 70% of companies that have digitised more than 25% of their work have seen notable gains from the effort. It comes as no surprise, that 81% of organizations are going through a major redesign.

The role of the finance department, and especially the CFO, will perhaps be the most affected by those changes. Digitisation is revolutionising the data processes once handled entirely by finance teams, whether in the form of business-process automationcloud computingdata visualization, or advanced analytics. There is no turning back to a world of book-keeping and paper forms.


Join this 30 minute panel discussion and learn:

  • How the role of the finance department needs to reshape in order to be adequately equipped for the future
  • The short-term ROI wins that come from automation technology
  • The 5 real-world benefits of digitizing the finance department

Watch On-Demand Panel Discussion

Maarten Geerts
Project Consultant @ TriFinance
Maarten is an experienced Project Consultant on the edge between Finance and ICT, building bridges by translating the business needs into working IT systems as a Business Process Analyst/ Functional Analyst. He has a keen interest in Microsoft Azure, IoT, AI and data mining. His biggest interest is to discover what the future holds for us.
Paul Smejkal
CFO @ Total Tool Supply
As CFO and partner to the leadership team, Paul, focuses on continuous improvement and combines a strategic mindset with financial expertise to make key business decisions. His career spans high tech manufacturing organizations in implantable medical devices, defense and aerospace industries, and hardware/software for the financial and identity markets.