Now or never: How Finance can lead the way out of Lockdown

In crisis times creativity not only thrives, but is also very much needed. Finance teams will be tested on their capability to think out of the box. 

Join this webinar and learn:

  • 3 effective ways to improve your company's cash position on the long term
  • How to save up to 50% of your T&E budget
  • A real-life Finance Executive testimonial about the impact and response to Covid-19

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Javier Durán
Senior VAT Specialist @ 60dias

Javier is economist and Senior VAT Specialist for 60dias. He is also expert in B2B sales and marketing and has experience in many sectors and different sizes of companies where he has helped to develop the commercial dimension of the teams as well as the profitibality of the business. Automate your expense.

Ignacio Beltran
Ignacio Beltrán
Spain Accounts Payable Manager @ SAICA

With his 21 years of experience working for SAICA Group, Ignacio has built a particular expertise with project in the areas of Treasury and Accounts Payable. Currently he is working as Accounts Payable Systems Support and Accounts Payable Manager for the whole of Spain.

Andrés Reyes
Head of Sales Americas & Spain @ Rydoo
Andrés has over 10 years of professional experience in Sales teams for technology companies and is currently helping out companies in Latin America and Europe to cut costs and increase productivity. He has a track record as a skilled trainer for customer/partner success and excels in creating go-to-market strategies.