Why 71% of software implementations fail: 5 steps to ensure success

Like many other VPs and directors, you are innovating and have gone through an extensive exercise of choosing the perfect solution to solve your business pain. You have partnered up with the right vendor and you are 100% sure about the added value this tool can have for your company.

Now how are you going to make sure it will have the impact you envisioned?

Every change manager knows that regardless of the type of solution a brilliant tool that never gets adopted means money down the drain. Which is why we invited 3 customer success leaders to set you up for success.

Join this 30 minute webinar and learn:

  • The winning principles of change management
  • 5 simple rules that ensure your software implementation has the envisioned impact
  • Actionable examples of how our top customers have delivered successful change management projects

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Bert Vanrooijen
Director of Professional Services @ Showpad
After having had the opportunity to build out the Customer Success department, I now get to manage an amazing team of Professional Service Coaches who are responsible for making Showpad's customers successful. 
Florence Dobbenie
HR Change Expert @ Intuo
As an implementation manager in the customer success team at intuo, I guide international organisations change to a new performance management process.
Vicky Boeckx
VP of Customer Success @ Rydoo
Together with the Rydoo CSM Team I want to make every customer a successful customer. Needless to say that comes with the necessary challenges & compromises, but also with building great relationships and celebrating a go live together.